Housing Block in Roman Forum

Following the steps of Schinkel, The statu quo of the Roman Forum is challenged through the building of a housing block.

K. Geers
Team members
David Cardoso and Benoît Perrier
Models and drawings

About the project

This short project is the conclusion of a semester of study on Schinkel.
He went to Rome when the walker could still enjoy the Forum. Today, the Forum has created its own reality. It is now just a vast expanse of land in the middle of the city. Although it is perceived as an object of distant admiration, it does not participate in the progress and activities of the city. They are separated.
This project challenges the Forum's position in contemporary Rome by building a housing project nearby on a ruined site. The building becomes a new figure on an urban scale capable of establishing a "visual" dialogue with the remains and relics of the Forum.
The project is built on the ancient remains of the Cederna belvedere, along Via Fori Imperiali.

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