The Neue Bauacademy

A new Bauakademie embraces Schinkel heritage and its context.

K. Geers
Team members
David Cardoso and Soukaïna Richard
Models and drawings

About the project

The new Bauakademie is embodied in three strong forms that enhance the three variations of its new program: school, housing, and public library. It is part of a partially scattered plot that it intends to densify. The atrium is a character repeated in the different parts of the project. Fluctuating according to the program, the heart of each building is similar but different from the previous one and constitutes one of the multiple cores of the project. By becoming the core of the project, the library has several roles: it manages the services and distributions of the entire complex. It is an obligatory place of passage for those who want to enter the Bauakademie’s threshold.

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